NYC Restaurant Realty is a full service real estate brokerage specializing in restaurants and bars in New York City. We assist commercial and residential buyers and sellers as well as lessees and lessors close deals. We work closely with each one of our clients to identify space, location and budget requirements.

For buyers and lessees, once we identify our client’s requirements, we prepare a search plan and then execute on it. Our search plan identifies our clients and associates who might have property to sell or lease. Our search plan also identifies other pools of opportunity. These pools of opportunities include more than a dozen databases and non-traditional data sources to provide unmatched insight into the market. Each client is different and therefore each search plan will include a unique set of locations from which we gather opportunities. Our resources identify not only market rate opportunities but below market opportunities as well.

Plan execution includes a discussion of potential opportunities, site showings and weekly updates. After our initial discussion of available opportunities, we schedule appointments at the properties that you want to see. We know finding the right opportunity is a process so we constantly gather your feedback and revise our search plan to fit your needs. Once you decide to make an offer we draft a proposal letter for you. Once approved by you, we submit the offer on your behalf and negotiate the best deal possible. Even after we submit an offer on your behalf we continue to search for other opportunities until your deal closes.

For sellers and lessors, promotion is everything. Through our network of clients, associates and databases, we have access to thousands of buyers who ready willing and able to make a purchase. We focus on quick closings without sacrificing price.

Right of the bat, we help you as seller prepare everything you need to shorten the time to close. You want to close as quickly as possible. We have the tools and resources to close fast.

Whether you need assistance buying or selling a restaurant or a condo, NYC Restaurant Realty can help. Call us today.

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